We follow with passion our customers from the design to the component ready for assembly.
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Machining Milling Boring Machines

Your projects take shape

We design our internal the workholding equipment for working on machine tools and special tools for the work cycles we studied.

Our machine tools are equipped with un'interscambiabilità of numerically controlled machine tools and programs that allows us to program the loading machines in every situation.

The progress of the production, as well as the wear of the tools, is monitored automatically on each machine.

Cast iron and ductile iron

For several years we cooperate with leading foundries in Italy to find the right solution for every component, considering the client's requirements in terms of size of the casting and production lots.

All foundries with whom we work are certified ISO9001, and also have the Germischer certifications Lloyd - DNV and Lloyd's Register.

Possibility of prototyping, radiographic tests, tests on samples, liquid penetrant. coenginering of activities with moddelleria and foundry for the study of molds and core boxes, in the aim to obtain the best results with respect to the subsequent machining.

Cast Aluminium

We are cooperating with aluminum smelters and the respective modellerie to create right now the most optimal process for each component. Thanks to a co-engineering work, the melting equipment is designed to obtain the least possible wastage and at the same time the maximum qualitative result during the melting process. Each component has been designed from the start by providing the entire processing cycle.

Foundries are certified ISO 9001 and Lloyd's Register for the marine sector - shipbuilding.

Possibility of prototyping, radiographic tests, tests on samples, liquid penetrant.

Mechanical structural work

Both for the sector of automatic machines that for other areas can provide mechanical carpentries of different sizes and thicknesses. We have a plotting machine to highlight the references for the machine tool.


Thanks to our integrated supply network we are able to manage thermal and / or surface treatments, such as painting, cataphoresis, chrome, but also operations of grinding and lapping for the diameters and finishing of floors. Efficiency and Reliability

Pressure tests

We have 2 machines for the leak test, carried out with liquid on 100% of the parts for the filtering industry / naval / marine. Behind every single piece is a company thoroughly.

Packaging and Shipping

We handle the packaging of the components by studying the best solutions for the transportation, storage and safety of operators. We use oils and bags vci rust and follow the instructions of the customer anyway. We can take care of logistics to your destination: Today we serve customers throughout Europe and the United States.


We have a tracking unit for the dimensional inspection of blanks for samples or prototypes. Quality and speed at your service

Lead Time

Depending on production schedules that the customer can provide, we are able to study the supply chain and reduce production lead time.Forecast of the customer we are able to supply the components with one 4-week lead time from order or Consignment Stock. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.