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Industrial and motor filters filters

An example of aluminum casting, full heat treatment, here during the machining phase. The filter body will then be tested dimensionally and geometrically, and will be tested with liquid pressure as required by the reference naval sector. Lots 30-50 pcs / month. This component is one of many examples of joint study with a multinational for the realization of a new body for motor filter. our added value for the end customer is the solution to complex problems and drilling deep borings. We manage the entire Supply Chain, purchase of equipment, processing, and then move on to testing and leak testing.

Automatic machines

In mechanical structural case for automatic machine for packaging; We perform tracing of carpentry, machining to drawing and three-dimensional geometric testing of electronic measuring machine. Lots 3-5 pcs. The challenge of the end customer, is our challenge.


Component of ductile iron for robotic arm, complete with mechanical processing and testing; We guarantee accuracy and repeatability. We serve our customers by focusing quickly and decisively on their requests.

Industrial pumps

Components in gray cast iron of various sizes, of double sandblasting the surface to ensure complete internal cleaning and quality. machining, trimming and blowing. dimensional inspection, packaging and shipping. Lots 10 to 50 pcs / month. We serve our customers with FREEPASS mode taking care with professionalism and as a prime contractor, the entire upstream supply chain. The right solution for every production need.

Textile machinery

Cast components or mechanical carpentry, machining of horizontal machining center. Innovative solutions for small / medium lots. We help our customers streamline its business process ensuring competence, punctuality and competitiveness. In each component the commitment of the entire company.

High Pressure Pumps

Component of nodular cast iron, machining to drawing, metal mining industry. Since 2010 we have included a production control system that allows us to analyze and optimize each job. Reliability and cost awareness are some of our strengths.

Bearing Housing

Component obtained melting ductile iron, machined with equipment and tools studied within us to get H7 concentric diameters in a single step. The component will then be painted to customer specifications. food, lots 10-20 pcs. Maximum quality and traceability of all processes: your projects take shape.

Lifting means

Counterweight forklift: castings ductile iron, machining to drawing on horizontal machining center, dimensional geometric testing. Each component is taken over by us from our technical department that defines the machining programs, tooling, on-board controls.


Particularly ductile iron, complete with primer, milling and boring machines to design, subsequent final painting. Food and naval industry, batches of 30-50 pcs / month. This is an example of comakership with a foreign customer for the study of a new line for the merger of the main cast iron base for centrifugal separator machines. We could eliminate residual problems in the oil sump and the creation of references for mechanical processing.


Bodies reducers of high dimensions of mechanical processing performed in a single step. Study and realization of workholding equipment and tools created internally.