DIPLOMA SERALEThe “Officina Meccanica Pietro Sarti” was born in 1932.

The owner of that modest “atelier” was passionated by mechanics and obtained, in 1914, the degree of suitability for the “Car Design” by attending evening classes at the prestigious Institute Aldini – Valeriani of Bologna.

A qualification, which, at that time , was a privilege of the few.

The work increased and slowly the workshop that had started with just one lathe, a milling machine and a drill, began to expand until the early ’50s, when Pietro Sarti with his son Luciano began to buies the first telescopes and equipment for the laboratories of sugar mills. This production continued until the seventies, with increasingly challenging achievements.

Because of the sugar industry

crisis and the uanni 70bncertainty of funding for astronomy, in the mid-seventies the company was converted to the new technology of numerical control applied to machine tools.

Taken from the monograph published by the Astronomical Observatory of Padua in the occasion of the inauguration of the telescope.

The entire mechanical frame was designed by our engineers and

built piece by piece at Mechanica Sarti in Bologna,

who had already given proof of ability and experience in the construction of the two telescopes Schmidt.

FOTOST1It was not an easy task. Each part had to be designed, discussed, modified by our astronomers and technicians and those, no less skilled at and Mechanics Sarti, and opinions were sometimes conflicting.

But in the end it came to a most excellent result. The telescope that you see here in front of you, have already been tested in the air and the exceptionally studies show

the precision of the movements, the operating docility, the accuracy of the aiming.





70’s ANNI '70

Because of the sugar industry crisis and the
uncertainty of funding for astronomy, in the mid-seventies the company was converted to the new technology of numerical control applied to machine tools.


In the early nineties, the company started an important process of reorganization, extended to all sectors, focusing its attention on the process required to get a quality product competitive costs . The orientation to market needs, necessary in the era of globalization, propels us towards a more complex management system, in which each business component becomes active and synergic part for achieving customer satisfaction.


Today the third and fourth generations are working together to improve all the necessary synergies to act as a subcontractor and prime contractor: we have become preferred suppliers of multinational companies, bringing our foreign sales to more than 60% of the total, exporting to Europe, United States and China.

Since 2010, a system of continuous improvement has been inserted, which aims to analyze and optimize each job.

If we grew up, if we have improved our product and our service, we owe it to our customers, and with the confidence and appreciation that they have been granted an incentive to continue to improve. And we owe it to our co-workers, because being a team helps to ensure the security of a reliable partner and simultaneously tackle new challenges more and more important.

Since the 30’s until today many customers are trusting us, because times have changed but the commitment and passion we put into our work are always the some. This long history is a guarantee of reliability and expertise, if it was not in this way we would not be here to tell it.